Rosetta Stone – high resolution photo – the key to Egyptian history

The characters had puzzled generations of archaeologists. Many had tried to decipher Egyptian hieroglyphics without success. Scriptures were raised in obscurity until one day in July 1798 in Rosetta, just east of Alexandria.

The French officer successor Pierre-François Bouchards diggers found at the site outside the city Fort Julien Rosetta (Rashid) in the Nile delta July 25, 1798 what is now called the Rosetta Stone.

The entire Egyptian ancient history thus opened to the world. Curtain had been pulled aside. Researchers were able to learn to read an extinct language by three same texts but in three languages: Greek, Demotic and ”hieroglyphic” were on the same stone. Since Greek was and is a well-known language, it became relatively easy to translate hieroglyphics.

Stig Björne

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