Babies who looks much television underperform

Babies that are watching TV may be damaged, studies show. Young children up to age 2 is still not able to understand what is happening on the screen, according to researchers. In addition, there will be companies through their commercials programmed children to consume and young children has become a ”prime target” for influence.

“The 0- to 2-year age group has become a prime target for commercial educational programming, often used by parents convinced that it’s beneficial.”

When the TV is påoch children and parents have the attention which stops even the social contact and it is important for language learning. One suspicion is that too much television viewing lead to attention problems (Attention Deficit Disorder, ADD, related to ADHD). TV interferes with children’s ability to play and have a clear tendency to ”enchant” to no avail.

Read the full article on Wired: It’s Official: To Protect Baby’s Brain, Turn Off  TV

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