Steve Jobs stood on the shoulders of giants – Dennis Ritchie

Dennis Ritchie, AppleAn interesting article in Wired talks about Dennis Ritchie that allowed Apple and Steve Jobs success. Rob Pike, the programming legend who spent 20 years in an office close to Dennis Ritchie talks about what was behind Apple’s success, and the glorification of Steve Jobs who passed away 5 October 2011.

Rob Pike says that högaktningen of Jobs is right, but when Dennis Ritchie died three days after Jobs, October 8, 2011, there was the silence.

”When Steve Jobs died last week, there was a huge outcry, and that was very moving and Justified. But Dennis had a bigger effect, and the public does not even know who he is.”

Dennis Ritchie’s death was recognized course of the technological world, but not the mainstream media. Dennis Ritchie is the father of C programming and together with Bell Labs researcher Ken Thompson, he used C to build UNIX operating system that MacOSX is based on.

”Pretty much everything on the web uses Those two things: C and UNIX,” Pike tells Wired. ”The browsers are written in C. The UNIX kernel – that pretty much The Entire Internet runs on – is written in C. Web servers are written in C, and if they’re not, they’re written in Java or C + +, Which are C derivatives, or Python or Ruby, Which are Implemented in C. And all of the network hardware running These programs I can almost guarantee were written in C.”

I find, however, at least some articles in the mainstream media. Here, for example, an article in the New York Times about Ritchie.

Text translated with Google Translate thus grammatical errors.

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