New security checks at airports sometimes is shameful scanning

The new airport security is expected to post hazard. It was at the Aviation Security World conference in Amsterdam that the high-tech security check was presented. Refer to one of three corridors for passengers and their luggage.

The biometric scanner detects: fluids, body shape, metals, any weapons, laptop computers and other things that you now have to pack up and put in separate boxes. The system is therefore said to shorten the time at airport security checks significantly.

”The new device uses infrared thermo-Conductive Technology That completes a 360 ° scan of the human body in 30 seconds, capturing every facet of biometric data.” / Paul Joseph Watson & Kurt Nimmo

The corridors have three different colors – blue for the famous traveler, purple for ordinary passengers, and yellow for those that require ”enhanced” ie, increased need for control. Everything is done openly so the ones that go in the yellow corridor will certainly feel some shame. Biometric information contained in the chip in the passport plus security staff’s observations (read gut feeling) determines which category you fall.

Iata chief rejects criticism that the new security checks would violate passengers’ privacy, writes Svenska Dagbladet.

Text translated with Google Translate thus grammatical errors.

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