IT company want to recruit personel to floating industry park

Google Blueseed Hive

The company Blueseed says United States immigration law is stopping the flow of creative entrepreneurs to set foot in Silicon Valley. The solution is a floating IT fortress where entrepreneurs can be work without restrictions upon them right next to Silicon Valley without ever setting foot on American soil.

Re-write: Stig Björne

To avoid the US government’s immigration law, the plan is to sail foreign innovators 12 miles into international waters, off the Northern California coast. Out there on the ocean governed by loosely enforced maritime treaties, the entrepreneurs can work without worrying about visas or various other immigration regulations. But still they may live in San Francisco. Ferries will commute them back and forth to the offices.

PayPal founder Peter Thiel invest big time into the Blueseed crusade, and recently, the company released detailed mockups of its floating incubator.

Our main focus is IT and software startups. Biotech and other types take much more equipment. We may have other sectors eventually, but the focus is IT. Most those applying for memberships so far have been for local, mobile and social applications. Dan Dascalescu, CIO.

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