Human skeleton in Britain show that humans lived in England in the middle of the last ice age

The modern man Homo sapiens existed in England already 41.000 to 44.000 years ago. It shows new skelletfynd from animals in a cave in Devon. That means that our forefathers lived and spread in the region in the middle of the previous ice age and also coexisted with Neanderthal thousands of years.

The last ice age began about 110,000 years ago and ended in about 10,000 years ago.

Previously found parts of the human skeleton (käkdel) in the same cave is thus explained as older than previously thought.
Professor Tom Higham of Oxford University said: ”We believe this piece of jawbone is the earliest direct evidence we have of modern humans in northwestern Europe, at a site at the very outermost limits of the initial dispersal of our species.”

Stig Björne 

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