Paramount Pictures will take you to the War of the Worlds in Spain

Paramount Pictures will build a giant theme park in Spain at Alhama de Murcia. The theme is the company’s films such as ”Indiana Jones” and ”Mission Impossible.” Main attraction is a replica of the actual size of the 269 meter long ship Titanic. The park is under the Company’s plans stand completion in 2015.

The park is divided into different ”theme park zones.” A zone named ”City Adventure” which includes films, ”Titanic,” ”The Italian Job” and ”Mission Impossible.” Another zone called ”Lost Valley” and will have rafting picked out the movie ”Tomb Raider”. A zone is for kids and it’s called ”Woodland Fantasy”. Zone ”Plaza Futura” will have high-tech attractions from ”Star Trek,” ”War of the Worlds” and the movie ”Paranormal Activity”.

Polaris World: Paramount Pictures to Open Murcia Theme Park

Stig Björne 

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