Popular food gives us control of what we eat

SVD.se writes of the unhealthy food with lots of fat and sugar and how it makes us dependent on just fat and sugar. The magazine has interviewed David Kessler, head of the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) as SvD world’s most powerful authority in matters of food and medicine.

The problem of junk food brilliant summarized as follows:

”In every fifth person is craving so much that they have lost control, they are hyperätare where stimuli, eating and reward is automatic. – The more sugar, fat and salt, the greater the urge to a level where it becomes disgusting. It is usually called blizz-point, which is the lowest and is sharpest for salt. That is why it is so easy to over salty food. – But both disgust levels and cravings moved up the flavors combine. We think the food is even better, and even harder to resist. ”

SVD ask what we can do about it and the answer is about self-discipline. David Kessler argues that we must consciously create behaviors and practice away impulsivity. Above all, we need to focus on eating foods that we can control. That’s what all diets fail and that is why they do not work, he says.

Annika Dahlqvist also called ”The Fatdoctor” has in recent years been increasingly backed their advice. She believes that one of several secrets to create satiety and it is made with fat, but it may not be combined with sugar and starchy products like pasta, potatoes and rice. Then it drove away. We become thick.

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