iPhone 5 to take a large part of the current Android users

Apple’s iPhone 5 looks set to take a large part of the current Android users, according to a survey by TechBargains.com.

More than 20 percent of respondents who identified themselves as Android users said that they plan to dump their current phone for Apple’s next iPhone 5. The entire 38 percent of Blackberry users said they also plan to make the jump to iOS and iPhone 5.

Apple can certainly count on lots of new iPhone users for the launch of the new model, this is jumping 74 percent of iPhone 4 users and 64 percent of iPhone 4S users who say they plan to switch to the iPhone 5.
The survey was based on more than 1,300 people also showed that most smartphone shoppers looking for a device with longer battery life, a faster processor and 4G LTE connectivity. A larger screen and microSD were the fourth and fifth most popular features that users want.

Mobile iPhone 4S was Apple’s most successful iPhone since the launch of the iPhone ever, but if this study is correct, the iPhone 5 create new historical sales records. And it would come just with good timing for Apple, which announced this week that rival Samsung’s Galaxy S III, which is currently the best selling of all smartphones in the U.S.

Stig Björne

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