Can an Universal Diet be created from the best of Stone Age diet, Atkins and LCHF etc?

Is possible to get the best from a variety of diets and dietary specializations and create a new Optimized Universal Diet that is so good that even the authorities could theoretically be recommending it to all people?

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Definiton of the Stone Age diet or Paleolithic diet: a diet based on wild meat, fish, root vegetables, nuts, berries and fruit. Cereal and milk products are not included, nor refined sugar and salt. A relatively large part of their diet consists of animal food.

Definiton of the Atkins Diet :Low carbohydrate diets, or LCHF (low carb high fat) as it is known, has many similarities to the so-called Atkins Diet. The difference is that the Atkins advocates a high protein intake, while lågkolhydratkosten primarily replacing carbs with fat.

Then there are of course a number of other diets and diets as such. macrobiotic food, vegan, lacto-ovo vegetarian food, etc. For reasons of space in this blog post I will not go through all these variations on ”eating”.

The goal is to take the best from all these diets and create a new optimal Universal Diet for those who want to:

  • Lose weight
  • Maintain a low, optimal and healthy weight
  • Cure / treat common health problems caused by bad food
  • Creating a sound health and wellbeing
  • Create a physiological platform for regular physical exercise

It would be fun to discuss this and merge all the wise heads to define how this diet would look like and what criteria should be met. For instance, should all raw food commodities be ecologically labeled?

I understand that everyone works differently and that it can be difficult to find a diet ”für alle”, but theoretically I assume that it is possible to find a red line that works for many people. It went well to advocate home cooking and food groups in the past.

Extra supplements are okay to eliminate toxic residues in the environment and food

I am open to the optimal universal diet can be supplemented with appropriate supplements. The reason for this view is that our slightly polluted environment and any contaminated food may have to be compensated with extra supply of suitable food supplements (vitamins, proteins, minerals, substances) to eliminate the bad effects of toxins and unhealthy additives.

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Kan en Optimal Universalkost skapas av det bästa från tex stenålderskost, Atkins och LCHF mfl?

Kan en Universalkost skapas av det bästa från tex stenålderskost, Atkins diet och LCHF?

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