Earthing Sheets a new health revolution? The first effect is better sleep

To be GroundedGround your body with electrically conductive earthing sheets and gain better health. But you do not link into the mattress to the power point. It’s about your body’s electricity. 

Could this be a new preventive products against electrostatic stress? The researchers behind this product consider it. They say that when we were staying in an electrically supersaturated indoor environment, the body wrong charge and must be grounded to regain a natural balance. It is first noticed that the user of an earthing sheets get much better sleep as inventors.

What we do know is that the man is a bioelectric creature. It means that the body can cause electrical current that it is conductive, so that electrons can travel through the body. It is used regularly in health care such as the EEG or ECG examinations of the brain and the heart’s electrical activity.

The three authors say: ”Just in the same way as ordinary electronic equipment need a solid grounding in order to function well, it also needs the body stable grounding to work well.”

If it is true what it says in the book ”To be Grounded” (Att vara jordad), it is perhaps the most important discovery of health in modern times, writes Anarchos publisher that publishes the book.

Stig Björne

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