Stockholmers happy with life but the investigation can be self-glorification

A citizen survey performed by Statistics Sweden on behalf of the County Administrative Board of Stockholm shows that 90% of county residents are satisfied with most things in their lives. They enjoy their work and accommodation. They are optimistic about their economy, are environmentally conscious and are in favor of CCTV, writes Dagens Nyheter. 8000 people aged between 18 and 85 years were surveyed.

A little further down in the article writing, however having said that the 20% are very dissatisfied with the economy, 19% believe they are overcrowded and that 60% believe that video surveillance in public places is good. The beginning of the article gives an impression, but if you read the whole article to get another. The image provided is subjective. It includes what people think about themselves. 70% think that the example they have quite high or very high environmental awareness, but it is hardly something that is reflected in the sorting of soprummen.

The survey must be taken with a large pinch of salt. It’s like asking a company what it thinks about itself, whether it is ethically and acting environmentally conscious, while the reality may be quite different.

Stig Björne 

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