Lundin Oil + Carl Bildt = imprisoned journalists get no help?

ETC writes September 12 that a letter sent by the imprisoned journalists Martin Schibbye and Johan Persson shows that they were in Ethiopia to examine the Swedish oil company Lundin Oil. The letter was sent by Martin Schibbye through the Swedish Embassy in Addis Ababa to friends at Stockholm University’s journalism program.

”To understand what we were trying to achieve, read Kerstin Lundell’s book published by Ordfront last year,” the letter said. In the book ”Business in the blood and oil,” explains Kerstin Lundell how the oil company contributed to attacks on civilians in their hunt for natural gas in the Ogaden, the region that the imprisoned journalists tried to enter with the help of the rebel movement ONLF. A month after the letter was sent, they were charged for terrorism offenses.

According to a report by the European Coalition on Oil in Sudan in Sudan accused of Lundin Oil AB (Lundin Petroleum) including their various board members that they were guilty of war crimes. 10 000 people were killed and nearly 200 000 were forced to flee in Southern Sudan 1997-2003. Sudanese soldiers in cooperation with the militia attacked and chased away the civilian population in areas that Lundin could extract oil, the report said that some 50 organizations in the ”European Coalition on Oil in Sudan” is behind.

One of the authors, Egbert Wesserlink, according to Lundin Oil not at all the abuses carried out. According to him, hired instead into Sudanese officers.

In DN accused now Carl Bildt of not acting is especially powerful to release the two Swedish journalists would investigate Lundin Oil. At the same time examined Bildt at the seams about his former influence in the same oil companies. Bildt turn away. It is here that the ongoing riots in the United States, Italy and many other countries is about.

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