Balsamic vinegar has both soul and personality

LA Magazine writes passionately about balsamic vinegar and the main character is Casey Lane a chef at the restaurant ”Tasting Kitchen” in Venice, LA, with a feeling for salad dressing.

He believes that balsamic vinegar is a deep and complex product that is changing with time as the vinegar matures. When balsamic vinegar ages develop the flavor, the vinegar will ”full body” perhaps with the taste of wood. ”It develops a soul with a richness That comes from Having lived a full life,” says Lane. The product is more than one product, balsamic vinegar seems to have both soul and personality.

”It’s one of the more intriguing products in the world, Because it changes throughout the ITS maturation.”

Casey Lane recommends a ten-year La Vecchia Dispensa from Modena, Italy. He marinate cherries with vinegar and serve the marinade well with food with dense flavor that foie gras and grilled pork. Why not sheep?

Source: LA Magazine

Stig Björne

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