A bear in Alaska killed a man

A bear in Denali National Park in Alaska, USA, attacked and killed a man on Friday, confirming the national park on its website. His mangled corpse was found by another group who walked in the area. The bear was later shot.

A digital camera was found near the man’s backpack shows he photographed a bear for more than eight minutes and the man appears to have been only 50 or so feet away from the animal before it went on the attack, writes Reuters.
The photographs do not show the attack, Anderson said. ”They show the bear grazing in the willows and not acting aggressively in any form or mannerless During That period of time,” he said

Park rules Require people to stay a quarter-mile away from bears and to Immediately back away at a slow pace if They find themeselves to be closer. / Reuters

This is the first time since the park opened in 1917 as a fatal bear attack occurs and it is now shut down until further notice. According to the website, all visitors of the park undergo training in how to act around grizzly bears before they are allowed to enter, writes Dagens Nyheter.

Park rangers will return to the incident scene on Saturday morning, August 25, to secure the site, recover the remains, and attempt to locate the predatory grizzly bear.Wildlife Biologists estimate That roughly 12 grizzly bears have been residing in the vicinity of the kill site this summer. / www.nps.gov

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