Stig Björne job life interview

Stig BjörneStig Björne live in Sweden and sometimes abroad. He works in IT and PR as an employee. Stig has a wife (Annika) and a child, and is playing golf.

Stig Björne to work and live in the U.S.

I am interviewed by my colleague Anders about lifestyle, work and live. There will certainly be more interviews. Pretty fun actually.

What are the benefits of living in Sweden compared to the U.S.?

Stig Björne: You know what you get. Sweden is the world’s MacDonald. It does not happen very much here. You can feel safe with her his hamburger order. But that is changing rapidly. Soon everything in the U.S. again. Privaisteringen takes over. Soon there insurance for anything that replaces security of the State.

But there must be something that you think is totally safe with both Sweden and the U.S.

Stig Björne: MacDonald. It tastes the same everywhere.

You live much in the USA, for the daily commute?

Stig Björne: It is not very often, but far more than the average Swedish U.S. visitor travel behavior, I would think.

What are you doing there anyway?

Stig Björne: Will most diverse chartered mission of business in California.

Sounds like you are sought after if they ask you to travel so far!

Stig Björne: Not really. I have work in the United States. I registered with some recruitment companies and one of them has returned several times with the mission proposal.

You said ”not really.” How do you mean? Because they are of themselves.

Stig Björne: I mean it’s one thing to be ”internationally coveted” and another thing that I get an assignment of a firm in country A will need to buy a few hours of work of a consultant they had been pleased with before. And consultant happens to be registered in country B.

Ok, I think I understand. What do you do missions in the United States?

Stig Björne: Same as in Sweden. IT and web-PR-related. No big deal.

Will not it be more expensive for you to commute considering travel expenses, room and board? How do you get it together financially?

Stig Björne: Economically, it is important that when I have gone back and forth, paid all costs to be the difference be plus.

Can you take a more specific example?

Stig Björne: Ok, lets say that the mission is an intensive week in the U.S.. When you get home, your wallet lying on any 10.000 SEK plus after you pay all travel expenses, etc. In other words, I went 10.000 SEK plus that week. Can never be wrong.

Still sounds like a costly OBTAINED salary, right? You must have paid around 12.000 SEK to make the trip.

Stig Björne: Sure, but it’s a lifestyle. Fun changing environment. You may be a week in the sun when it’s raining and snowing at home.

What does your wife Annika and the baby?

Stig Björne: They went with the above and get a week in the sun they.

Does she have any plans in that direction?

Stig Björne: Of course. With work, anything is possible. The problem is the future of this school. Where will the baby finally placed in the school and was, in any country?

How do you think you will do?

Stig Björne: We have a few years on us. Tiny is still small. We will continue to test us out.

Is the little one bilingual perhaps?

Stig Björne: No, at home talk only Swedish.

You’ve got some of your own family in the United States. How do you see it working and lifestyle wise?

Stig Björne: There is a lot of potential. We have a connection over there quite easily. From an immigration point of view I think it is possible when we choose to move. We have our own people who can state and the country in general, friends offering temporary accommodation. We have been speaking partners, maybe you could say.

How would Americans Swedes you to resolve your situation?

Stig Björne: They want us to come over often understood and that I do it more often with the whole family in tow. At the same time they do not want that we lose contact with Sweden. We are their lifeline to their home country.

Annika’s family then? They live in the Sweden.

Stig Björne: Good question. There we have the big problem. They do not want to lose Annika. I understand them.

Ok, I understand. 

Stig Björne: For them commuting is the best option.

But can it go on for infinity?

Stig Björne: I think so as long as you follow the rules for working and living in the USA.

You live in two worlds.

Stig Björne: Or in limbo, if you choose to see it that way.

About Stig Björne

Stig Björne bor i Sverige och ibland utomlands. Han jobbar inom IT och PR som anställd. Stig har fru (Annika) och ett barn, spelar golf och hänger på landstället nära havet så ofta han kan.